All About Grants

Dream with us....what would you like to see this grant money do?

The mission of the Boulder Junction Community Foundation is to preserve and enhance Boulder Junction for present and future generations. We’re focused on building the Endowment Fund so we can play an important role in preserving our traditions, improving our town and providing exciting new opportunities for Boulder Junction for years to come. To make this goal a reality, up to 4% of the Endowment Fund is distributed in grants each year to provide things that we would not be able to afford as a community: programs, events, parks, buildings, equipment, signs, trails, unique opportunities….the possibilities are endless. We invite you to explore the ways in which we can partner with your organization to make your dreams for Boulder Junction come true.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss prospective proposal ideas with Foundation Board of Directors before making the effort to submit an application.

For Questions:

Grants Committee Chair: Mary Van Grinsven, 715-385-2287

Board President: John Altschwager, 715-892-4898

What We Support

The Foundation is dedicated to supporting innovative ideas for:

  • Projects involving other local nonprofits that strengthen and enhance the Boulder Junction community.
  • Projects that support human services, education, health and recreation, arts and culture, the environment and community development.
  • Projects that enhance the quality of life for Boulder Junction’s citizens and visitors; and that protect those characteristics of our community that are so loved.

Who may apply?

The Foundation welcomes grant requests from organized groups throughout the Boulder Junction area, including:

  • Independent nonprofit organizations
  • Charitable organizations classified as 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code
  • Local units of state or national organizations
  • Schools, governmental units and religious institutions providing programs benefitting the public at large

Eligible Projects and Program Priorities

Projects are prioritized based on the grant project eligibility criteria and priorities set forth in Sections 3 and 4 of “BJCF Grants Bylaw X” of the BJCF Bylaws. In general, the Foundation does not fund:

  1. Costs not directly associated with or necessary for the implementation of the project.
  2. Costs associated with regular ongoing operating expenses or debt retirement.
  3. Costs associated with needs more properly funded through the operating budget of the applicant organization or by other sources.
  4. Grants to individuals or loans of any type.
  5. Projects associated with political candidates or groups.
  6. Projects for sectarian or religious purposes.
  7. Projects submitted by current BJCF Board members.
  8. Projects from organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national or ethnic origin or physical disability.
  9. Projects more appropriately funded by State, County or Local taxes.

How To Proceed

  1. Application submission deadlines: April 10 and September 10.
  2. Each eligible organization make submit one application per grant cycle (2 per year). One request per application.
  3. Read the attached excerpt of this foundation’s Bylaws relating to Grants and review the BJCF Mission Statement.
  4. Discuss your project proposal with a board member or the contact listed below to insure it is eligible for grant funds. (This does not guarantee that this foundation will fund your grant.)
  5. Complete either the EZ Grant Application (for grants of $750 or less) or the general Grant Application (over $750).
  6. Assemble your application package. This consists of the application form filled-in and any attachments necessary to explain your project proposal.
  7. Email a digital copy of your grants application package to the current Grants Committee Chair, Mary Van Grinsven at

What Happens Next?

Your grant application will be reviewed and evaluated by the Foundation’s Grants Committee, then the Board of Directors will make the final decision. (Most funding for grants comes from the Restricted Endowment Fund) You may be asked to provide additional information. Applicants will be advised of the outcome by an agreed upon date. If your grant is denied, you may call our board president listed below for an explanation.

If you are awarded a grant, you will need to:

  • Be available for a grant presentation ceremony, if requested.
  • Complete and submit a project final narrative report within 90 days of project completion or one year from award date, whichever comes first. (See BJCF Grants Bylaw X, Section 5(e))
  • Include the following statement in all material related to your project: “Support for this project was provided by the Boulder Junction Community Foundation.”
  • Include all press releases, photos, or articles in the project final report.

We wish you success with your projects and look forward to being your partners in bettering the Boulder Junction area for our citizens and visitors.