Boulder Junction Community Restricted Endowment Fund

The BOULDER JUNCTION COMMUNITY RESTRICTED ENDOWMENT FUND has been established for the purpose of creating a fund that will generate proceeds in perpetuity to benefit the Boulder Junction community.  The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin will manage the investment of the principal in the Endowment Fund and will distribute grants to applicants based upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors of the BJCF.  As a matter of practice, no more than 5% of the Endowment Fund will be distributed in grants each year.  Grant applicant projects are submitted on a Grant Application Form and will be reviewed for meeting Eligible Project criteria based upon established Grant Priorities.  Ineligible Projects and Project Costs shall not be entitled to grant distributions.

BJCF Neighbor Fund

The BJCF NEIGHBOR FUND was established in May, 2012 to provide support for the ongoing operations of the Foundation, ensuring the continuation of our work in Boulder Junction.  Become a Neighbor of the Foundation today. Neighbor Mail-In Form

Special Project Funds

The Foundation is also capable of handling short-term fundraising campaigns for a specific community project.  For example, the Foundation established the Boulder Junction Community Center Building Fund to support the construction of the new Boulder Junction Community Center and Library that was completed and opened in 2014.  For more information on Special Project Funds, contact a Foundation Board member.

Other Types of Funds

The BJCF can also be a conduit for establishing other Types of Funds.