The Boulder Junction Community Foundation (BJCF) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2010 to serve the community of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. The BJCF is governed by an Advisory Board of Directors, who work to manage the Foundation's funds and support local projects and organizations. The Foundation's structure included an association with the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin (CFONCW). This initial affiliation provided for professional management of the Restricted Endowment Fund.

In 2023, the BJCF strengthened its relationship with the CFONCW, becoming their Founding member of the Northwoods Affiliate Network. This partnership permits the BJCF to have all of its funds professionally managed and provides significant fiscal savings. This allows the BJCF to focus on supporting local initiatives and making a difference in the community. The CFONCW handles investments, recordkeeping, nonprofit tax requirements and other essential business matters. By working with a respected organization like the CFONCW, the BJCF is able to provide much-needed support in our community without the burden of high administrative costs.

Through donations of generous donors, the BJCF supports local organizations and projects, such as the Boulder Junction Public Library, the Boulder Junction Lions Club, the Boulder Junction Community Center, and the Boulder Junction Volunteer Fire Department. The BJCF also supports community-wide initiatives, such as bike trail expansion, broadband access, and playground improvements. Overall, the BJCF is a vital part of the Boulder Junction community, working to ensure a bright future for future and present generations.


Preserve and enhance Boulder Junction for present and future generations.


To strengthen community, develop resources and enrich quality of life.


The Boulder Junction Community Foundation, as an affiliate of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, is a registered Charitable Organization with the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing and is exempt from Federal income tax as a public charity under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.